ACI Group brings over 30 years of expertise and excellence in the fields of food ingredients, pharmaceuticals and industrial additives.

Through our distinct divisions, we have a renowned and well established reputation for the supply of innovative ingredients, products and raw materials into the Food, Pharmaceutical, Chemical and Road Building market sectors.

We have an active and experienced sales & marketing team ensuring focus on customer-needs in each market sector, supported by a strong customer service team ensuring robust logistics and supply chain management, together with a technical expertise to support customers in each market.

We  are big enough to supply a wide  range of  products whilst small  enough to be  able to  offer a  personalised  and swift  responsive service.

We provide a customised service and solution for every customer and a  comprehensive partnership to manufacturers looking to expand into the European market.

Our market-focused brands have a strong reputation for providing a high quality service to accompany high quality products.

This in turn means we can offer our manufacturing partners of Additives, Chemicals and I​ngredients an excellent opportunity to benefit from accelerated sales success and to build their own product brand reputation.

If you are a manufacturer of Additives, Chemicals or Ingredients looking for rapid access and growth in the UK, Irish and wider European markets, ACI Group has the right solution for you.

At ACI Group Ltd, we are committed to maintaining the highest quality standards in our processes and our customers can expect service par excellence every time they partner with us.

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