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May 2024

Oomph Works Wonders when added to your digital maturity plan

If we were to ask you today what your digital maturity plan looks like, how would you respond? Maybe you’d sport a blank face, shrug your shoulders or perhaps look like John Travolta in the infamous Pulp Fiction meme looking around aimlessly.

Oomph Works Wonders when added to your digital maturity plan

As a small business, you may be thinking that you don’t need a digital maturity plan. Yet having a roadmap to digital transformation doesn’t need to be complex. Assessing where your existing gaps are in your operations is actually the best way to discover what your business really needs. At ACI Group, together with our sister company, Oomph Works, we can help you understand what ‘good looks like’ – so you won’t be wandering aimlessly in the future. 

What is a digital maturity assessment? 

At its most basic level, a digital maturity assessment helps you identify where your strengths and weaknesses lie in your digital systems. This could include how you communicate and collaborate with your team, where you store your documents in the cloud or if you have access to a document management system, and how you are storing paper-based records for GDPR purposes. Going beyond this, an assessment will also take into consideration your cybersecurity levels, data collection and how you’re analysing and using it, alongside looking at your overall IT infrastructure to understand where you currently sit on the digital maturity scale. 

Organisations like the NHS and the UK government are only just starting to digitise their services. For example, the NHS uses the ‘What Good Looks Like’ programme to establish good practice and provide clear guidance for health care leaders to digitise, connect and transform services safely and securely1. On the other hand, the UK government takes a three-tiered ‘good’, ‘better’, best’ approach to digital maturity, identifying where further improvements must be made2. Just like there’s never one magical tool for the job, there isn’t a digital maturity pathway fit for every business either. 

When the best laid plans go awry

Moving from legacy infrastructure to a fully digitised workforce can be challenging as it requires your people, as well as technology processes, to join together in harmony. Robert Burns’ famous poem about the mouse’s house getting completely obliterated by a farmer, despite his meticulous planning, goes to show that not everything always goes to plan. In business, digitising your workforce and operations can just as easily go up in smoke. According to research, up to 70% of organisations fail at the first attempt with digital transformation1, so if you’ve got that sinking feeling, know that you aren’t alone.

Between the great minds at ACI Group and Oomph Works, we can throw you a lifeline and easily upgrade your digital maturity plan from a lifebuoy to a lifeboat with our customer relationship management platform, Oomph CRM.

The right tool for the job

Did you know that the cost of manually processing an invoice is £10, but with automation, it costs only £44? If you’re processing 100 orders per day, that’s a business saving of £600. When we multiply it based on the 253 days on average we work per year (did you just get the chills…we did!), that’s a staggering £151,800 annual saving. With Oomph CRM, automating invoices couldn’t be easier. 

By integrating directly with the accountancy platform Xero, Oomph CRM synchronises invoices and purchase orders sent, generates invoices and synchronises your tax rates, which are automatically sent through to Xero and linked directly to any customer, supplier or product/service stored in the system. This essentially removes human error, enables data integrity, and saves you both time and money.  

If that’s not enough to convince you, why not read our blog series starting with Oomph Works Wonders as a CRM. Oh, and did we mention there’s also an inventory management module now for just £50 per month as a value add-on? This gives you full traceability and visibility of stock management on your premises or when it’s moving through the supply chain. 

End to end supply chain visibility

According to Gartner, the top trends in supply chain technology for 2024 revolve around supply chain data governance, complete transparency and visibility of the supply chain, and an augmented-connected workforce5. Choosing ACI Group as your preferred supplier means you get access to Oomph CRM for free, where you can start to build your digital maturity plan to incorporate these elements. That’s what we call future-proofing your business, so you’ll never walk alone. 

For more information on Oomph CRM, or to take advantage of our free trial, visit:


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